Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Three

Well Ervin's been out sick with the flu for most of the time so I had to solo this issue myself. We've been bouncing some ideas for up and coming issues and our thinking about a beginners section, cover art and various topics to discuss.

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In Issue 3 of Tips & Tricks Photograhy:
- The Bounce Flash
- Creating a Variable Neutral Density Filter
- A Link to the Zone System (Described by Jeff Curto)
- Creating Multiple Exposures
- Photo Critque

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jabilson1985 said...

Great tips and ideas. Keep them coming. I am new to photography and need all the help I can get. The "Push ISO" and "Bounce Flash" tips were really helpful. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Tips and Tricks Photography said...

Thanks for the comments Jabilson1985, we plan to keep them coming and actually have a new writer that will likely dedicate more ideas to new photographers.