Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tips and Tricks Photography - Issue Seven

Finally it's out!

Well the summer is officially over and I finally made myself sit down to finish a couple of articles started a few months ago.

I hope all of you had a great summer and took lots of pictures. If so send them in for the cover contest or what is sure to be an up and coming issue dedicated to the photography of the readers of Tips and Tricks Photography. Perhaps we could turn it into a giant critque issue.

Since things are settling down back into the usual routine, I imagine these issues will be more regular. One way to help make the issues more regular is to send in your tips or ideas. The more content we have, the faster issues get put out.

In this Issue
- Presenting Photographs
- Selective Colour
- The Basics of Bokeh
- A Plea to the Readers
- Two pages of Quick Photography Tips to help out your Photographs

Jeff Tindall

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Leo said...

Here's a link of people who experimented with cross polarizers. The conclusion seems at the extreme there was severe color shift.

Support said...


This article is good and informative.

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