Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Eight

A bit of news about Tips and Tricks Photography:
We are starting to change the site around. We are trying to generate some revenue so we can start a dedicated site for Tips and Tricks. To do this we have added Google AdSense. We have also added a new poll to the website, so we can get a feel for the type of photography you enjoy and things you would like us to focus on.

Hopefully in a little bit of time we can have a new site up and running to add a forum, photo gallery, contests, and other great features.

In this issue:

Off Camera Flash
Waterfall Photography
Photography Freeware and a new section on Post-Processing (this issue focuses on adding fog to your photos).

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tips and Tricks Photography - Issue Seven

Finally it's out!

Well the summer is officially over and I finally made myself sit down to finish a couple of articles started a few months ago.

I hope all of you had a great summer and took lots of pictures. If so send them in for the cover contest or what is sure to be an up and coming issue dedicated to the photography of the readers of Tips and Tricks Photography. Perhaps we could turn it into a giant critque issue.

Since things are settling down back into the usual routine, I imagine these issues will be more regular. One way to help make the issues more regular is to send in your tips or ideas. The more content we have, the faster issues get put out.

In this Issue
- Presenting Photographs
- Selective Colour
- The Basics of Bokeh
- A Plea to the Readers
- Two pages of Quick Photography Tips to help out your Photographs

Jeff Tindall

© 2007 Tips and Tricks Photography

Friday, August 17, 2007

We are still Alive !!!

Hi everybody, this is not an issue post so there is no link to an issue. I have recently received lots of emails inquiring about where the next issue is and if everything is all right.

Things are great, we have decided to take a bit of the summer off and focus more on taking pictures then writing.

The wheels of the PDFCast are just starting to role again; we have a few new ideas to share and a new contributor to the magazine. So with a little luck we can hopefully get a new issue out soon.

We would like to thank everyone for there concerns and patience during the summer, hopefully the majority of you also spent more time taking pictures too and we would really like to see them so send them along!

Once again, we do want to make this an interactive magazine so if you have something to share or picked up a new trick over the summer, please let us know.

Until the next issue, once again thanks for your patience and we should have it out soon


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Six

Another issue and things are going great, we have a couple of new contributors to this issue. We are also in the middle of developing a new section of the magazine dedicated to learning Photoshop Tips & Tricks.
We also have another great cover photo and look forward to seeing more cover photos from you.

*** Note ***
There have been a few comments about grammatical errors in this issue. There have been a few comments about grammatical errors in this issue. This is an updated version that hopefully removed most of the mistakes. My apologies for those that had to endure the read! It's likely not perfect, but hopefully more tolerable.

In this issue:
- Buying Photography Books
- Low Light Photography
- Photoshop Actions
- Protecting Your Images Online
- Walcom Tablet Review
- Photoshop Tip - Radial Blur


© Tips & Tricks Photography 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Five

The podcast/magcast is doing great, after 5 issues we are already up to 15000 downloads. We have a great cover and a pretty full issue.
If you would like to write for Tips & Tricks Photography, let us know at

In this Issue
- The Cover Contest
- Bird Photography
- Copyright Infringement Links
- Win an iPod Shuffle
- Sensor Cleaning
- Motion Sensor Triggering


© 2007 Tips & Tricks Photography

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Four

Well it's been about a month since our last issue, hopefully this slightly bigger then average issue will make up for the delay!
We have added a title page to the issue and will be from now in a hopes to spark YOU into submitting your great photos to make the cover. So send them along

You can contact us at or visit our website at

In this issue of Tips and Tricks Photography
- Zoo Photography
- The Rules
- Creating and Maintaing a Workflow
- DOF website
- The Basics of Image Composition

We look forward to hearing form you and seeing your photos!

© Tips and Tricks Photography 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Three

Well Ervin's been out sick with the flu for most of the time so I had to solo this issue myself. We've been bouncing some ideas for up and coming issues and our thinking about a beginners section, cover art and various topics to discuss.

From looking at our subscriber stats the majority of our readers use iTunes to obtain each issue. If you like reading Tips & Tricks Photography we would really appreciate a review on iTunes, so if you have the time and would like to comment please do so.

Once again if you would like to contribute or have any Questions/Suggestions please feel free to contact us at

In Issue 3 of Tips & Tricks Photograhy:
- The Bounce Flash
- Creating a Variable Neutral Density Filter
- A Link to the Zone System (Described by Jeff Curto)
- Creating Multiple Exposures
- Photo Critque

© Tips & Tricks Photography 2007

Monday, February 5, 2007

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Two (again)

We have enjoyed great success with our opening issue. The number of subscribers seems to be growing exponentially. This being the second issue we are still trying to find a rhythm as to a steady schedule of releasing issues, but be assured with the great success we have had so far, there will be a lot more issues to come.

In this issue of Tips and Tricks Photography:
- The Experience of Shooting Your First Wedding
- A Workflow For Creating Good Panoramas (From the Setup to Post-Processing).
- Photoshop Tips
- A New Photography Critque

We are looking for any feedback or contributions from our readers. After all this should be an open form for all to share ideas and learn. So if you have any comments, ideas, or photos you would like to have critiqued by other readers in the next issue. Send them along to


Note for some reason this issue was removed by iTunes. Our appologies for any inconvience