Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Five - Reposted

Hey Everyone, we are planning to get out an new issue soon, however I have been getting a lot of comments regarding problems with downloading Issue 5. I tried several fixes but nothing seems to work, thus this is a repost of Issue 5, hopefully this corrects the problem! My apologies to those who will be receiving this a second time.



Bill said...

cant wait for the next issue! thanks for all the help so far. ive been practicing working on all the tips and tricks, and they've really helped. where can I email some of my shots?

PhotoDudeMS said...

Hey!! Great Feed.

It's May already and I haven't seen a new Issue, wassup? I love the 'cast, but wish that they would be a bit more consistent.

Tips and Tricks Photography said...

Well admittedly, I have been slacking a lot lately, but we have got a few article on the go and they should be out shortly.