Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tips & Tricks Photography - Issue Ten

The flowers are growing, the animals are moving and the photographers are out and about. That only means one thing, summer is here. I've managed to get out a bit and try a few techniques and in this issue share a few of them with you. Doug Ward also provides insights into vacation photography and suggests some tips to make the most of your photos.

In this issue:

Implying Motion - The Art of Panning
Vacation Photography
Impressionistic Photography
Adding Rain to a Photo


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Anonymous said...

Jeff I find the Tips and tricks articles quite informative and useful. For amateur photographers looking to improve the quality of their photographs and for professional photographers looking at additional ways to earn a living by improving their skills alike, this post is quite useful.

Patrick said...

Your podcast/pdf's are GREAT! I like that they are short and to the point, not long drawn out babel.

Keep up the great pics and tips!